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April 26, 2005

Project Mayhem I and II Discontinued

Right on the heels of Project Mayhem III becoming the default skin of Xbox Media Center, Chokemaniac announced that his other skins will have their development stopped. He claims lack of time due to his new job.
"You may have noticed my time is very limited now with my new job. I didnt even find a quite moment to update the news here in almost a month. For the same reason i also had to discontinue Project Mayhem and Project Mayhem II for XBMC. I would be happy to share the sources with some other skinner who wants to keep them alive. So if you do, please let me know."

Speaking on part of the Xbmc community, I have to thank Choke for all his hard work and contributions to Xbox Media Center. It took a lot of hard work for him to create and maintain all of those skins, and it has make Xbmc 100x better because of it.

He says that he will release the old skins to let others maintain them, and will probably remove the download links to Project Mayhem III since it is now the default skin distributed with Xbmc. Hmm, maybe now we can get our hands on that font!


  • I have to disagree, Project Mayhem II has to be one of the most beautiful skins ever. The other 2 are too dark and moody. Dont get me wrong, Full respect to Choke for his hard work, but I for one will be using PM2 and adapting it when ever possible.
    Keep up the hard work.

    By Anonymous Ian Forrester, at 4:00 PM  

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