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March 23, 2005

Broadcatching Feed

I added a feed on my main site's side bar to show the last couple of shows that I've gotten using RSS + Bittorrent. I had wanted an RSS feed for my Tivo for so long, and now that one is available, I don't even use my Tivo anymore. So I decided to throw this one together.

Its a Python script that will eventually be running on my Xbmc itself. It logs into the SMB share that I have created for my Tv shows, (the same one Xbmc uses to view content), and scrapes the "Now Playing" directory for all its files. It then sorts the files by date and grabs all their relevant information like show name, season, episode. It then uses TvTome to get a synopsis of the show. When its all done it writes out the feed and uploads it to my webserver.

Its a pretty thorough script. I could have just hosted this on my media server but I wanted to make it available to be used on Xbmc.

Once I'm comfortable with the script, I'll make it available.

For now here's the feed: Broadcatching Feed


  • OK now that is really an interesting idea. So basically what you are shooting for is utilizing the rss feed from the home screen of of XBMC to give you a quick preview of what you have captured ?

    Very interesting. Nice work!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:41 PM  

  • Soo...... This means you could then point to this feed using your Bloglines account and have the feed available to browse using the Bloglines script. Now if we (I see we but I realy mean you :) ) could take this one step further and wrap a Python script around the data you gather and make it available for viewing in XBMC with the ability to play the show right then and there. We would then have a Recorded Show program with the ability to start the show of your choice.... This could replace My Videos with a My Rrecorded Show type option. I guess i'll leave it there and not ramble anymore. Of course I would be happy to test this if you happened to do something like this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:29 PM  

  • well, techinically, if i were to do that, i wouldn't use the rss feed data, i'd just read strait from the files.

    I've been wanting a good tv view for a while, i guess i could work on something like that in python, but theres just so many problems with naming conventions. It would take a ton of error checking to get it right.

    Now, if you were restricted to a certain filename convention, then maybe it could work. The other thing is, if you were to do this with tvtome, you might as well write it to the sqlLite database to keep track of, like the music and movies db.

    Maybe i'll play around and see what i can come up with, i've had an idea for a certain view for tv shows in Xbmc for a while. Something that scrolls through the shows while at the same time shows the synopsis of the show and image.

    As for the feed, its really just for fun, and for doing all kinds of things with like showing your shows on your website, or just to keep track of what shows are completed while at work.

    Have fun with it guys. I'd like to hear some other cool ideas.

    By Blogger Jon, at 4:36 PM  

  • I'm the anonymous from above. Yeah naming conventions are not always the same. I use a simular setup to your rss/torrent grabber but i use Torrentflux and a script someone wrote for it. Works real nice..
    I also have a mythtv backend and
    I use the python myth frontend in xbmc. I have to say the XBox with XBMC and all of the above stuff is the best thing that has happened to my entertainment center.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:42 PM  

  • Is this python script what you have in those XBMC My Tivo images? I hope it is because that is bad ass. I just setup my own torrent/tivo system and it had it's inital run tonight with scrubs so I thank you. And urge you to release the script!

    Thanks again

    By Anonymous pomaybo, at 2:39 AM  

  • I've noticed you haven't posted in a while. You should make a post about the relaunch of the new XBMC scripts section at XBMCScripts.com

    A lot of new scripts have been released too so you could make a lengthy post about it. Just a suggestion though, it's up to you.

    By Blogger Matt, at 7:48 PM  

  • any word on this script ??

    Also - have you seen the work on the linksboks intergration !?!? - wow

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:27 AM  

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