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March 05, 2005

New CVS Build (3-04-05)

A new CVS build has been released and its been quite a while. The last build was released on January 15th. A lot has been added to CVS and the changelog is enormous. Instead of posting everythng that has changed since 1-15-05 like I usually do, I'm going to just post my normal highlights.

My Videos
  • New mPlayer build and location
  • IMDb fixed
  • IMDb scraping moved into system/HTMLScraper.dll (you have to have this for IMDb to work)
  • Switching from fullscreen video -> GUI now stable
  • New high quality pixel shader YV12->RGB method
  • Black screen on launch bug squashed (Yay!)

My Music
  • Support for multiple artists and genres in WMA files
  • New iPod-style Navigator

My Pictures
  • Better zooming
  • Supports up to 4096 resolution
  • Added the option to disable thumbnail generation during picture viewing

  • Added screensavers from competition
  • 12 hour clock on homepage
  • Multiple language support updates

These are just the highlights, there is over 250 additions and improvements to this build over the last build. If you haven't downloaded a new version in a while, I highly suggest updating. It's available at the usual places.


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