What's Up With Xbox Media Center

July 27, 2005

File Deletion From Media Browsers

This littlle diddy just popped up in the CVS

26-07-2005 added: support for the delete action in the media windows (requires file deletion be enabled)

Awesome! I've been begging for this for a while now. All the broadcatchers out there should praise the Xbmc devs for this feature. It will come in really handy. After watching a show, click, delete. Done. NICE!

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July 09, 2005

Bloglines for Xbmc Updated


Bloglines for Xbox Media Center was updated to version 1.1 with a new skin to be more native with Xbmc. It uses the same look and feel as Project Mayhem 3.


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Flickr for Xbmc

I finally finished my flickr plugin for Xbox Media Center. Go check it out at my regular site.

Flickr Xbmc Screenshot

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