What's Up With Xbox Media Center

June 18, 2005

More CVS Commits

Some great new updates in the Xbmc CVS. Heres a recap:

  • added: aac codec for paplayer (needs aaccodec.dll in system\players\paplayer)
  • added: Startup Window now setable via GUI! Systeminfo - Appearance - Look and Feel - Startup Window! [GeminiServer] It will set the XBMC Startup Window [Manual Settings, Home, Programms, Pictures, Music, Videos, Music, ] default it Home Window! Manual Settings will not touch the Settings and you can define your own Startwindow in xbmc xml.
  • added: rar support.
  • added: ability to select update interval for rss feeds.
  • added: Nicer music OSD during visualisation (thanks to Chokeman for all the nice graphics)
  • changed: IMDb lookups (and Scanning) now threaded. Now easily cancellable.

Overall, a lot of great new additions. As usual you can view the whole changelog here

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June 06, 2005

Recent CVS Commits

Here is a recap of some interesting additions to Xbmc over the last few days

changed: moved rss specifications to xboxmediacenter.xml and added url sets.
added: sf.net patch [1209466] Multiple RSS feeds concatenated - thanks to desertbear!
added: sf.net patch [1215111] Fast AAC/MP4 tag retrieval - thanks to arnie pie!
fixed: shoutcast playlists were broken

Multiple RSS feeds as well as being able to edit them in the XML file is a very welcome addition. Tons of people have been begging for this for a while. Our thanks go out to the arnie pie and desertbear for taking the time ot add it. Ya gotta love open source.

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