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December 07, 2004

Script Goodness

adamscybot has done Flash a nice favor and created a central site for his scripts. They are all available now here.

In honor of the new site, new scripts were released!

  • iFilm Browser 1.1 Fixes the problems caused by iFilm.com's site changes as well as adding a "Download and Play" option for those with slower bandwidth having issues with streaming.
  • Launch Browser This allows you to play music videos off of Yahoo's Launch.com site.
  • AQTBrowser (Flash Edition) Adds the "Download and Play" option
  • Machinima Browser *Coming Soon - Red vs Blue episodes!!!

Phew, we are really getting up there in the list of capable, worth while scripts. Getting Red vs Blue on Xbmc will be fantastic, and has been long requested. I think a new scripts window is going to be needed to keep up with all this fabulous content available on our Xboxs. Thanks Flash!


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