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December 10, 2004

Dvd Menu Campaign Update

Darkie posted an update on the status of the Dvd menu project/campaign
To give you a small idea on how far we are currently.
we can already play video / music files perfectly.
The core is already integrated into xbmc itself so you can control the dvdplayer the same way as mplayer (switching audio channels / subtitles). Note that the new dvdplayer is far from ready to be put into public cvs!

just a few things that are already working
- dvd with menu support is already working for most of the dvd's I have
- displaying subtitles and switching between them on the fly
- menu button overlay is working for some dvd's

But as I said, there is still a lot to be done.

So far its looking great! Looks like a solid feature to look out for in the v1.3 cycle.

The Dvd menu campaign was started to fulfill the number 1 requested feature for Xbmc. Since Xbmc is a free open source project, every developer on it is donating their time to work. While Xbmc plays Dvds perfectly fine, it does not play their menus. Dvd menu capability is no easy task and the devs asked for small donations to help motivate them. Of course, general donations are welcomed as well. If you find yourself using Xbmc frequently, consider dropping them a few bones to show your appreciation.

They are still taking donations for the project.
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