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November 20, 2004

Sirius Satellite on Xbmc?

Now that Sirius satellite radio is available online via streams. The idea accessing these streams has come up on the Xbox-Scene forums. Its very initial, but it sounds like something that could really be accomplished. By accessing the protocol and authenticating with the system, subscribers would be able to acces Sirius. This would be awesome. Imagine, as a Sirius subscriber, you could access your service through your car radio, then go to work and listen via your computer, and at home with your entertainment center using Xbox media center. The best part is that this pretty much covers all your listening areas while keeping your hardware costs down. If you already have and Xbox media center set up, the only hardware you would purchase is your car reciever. And if you're already a subscriber, then you're ready to go.

As of yet I don't think XM is available online, this is a great opportunity for Sirius to gain subscribers. I know I'd be pretty interested in it if I could access it via Xbmc. And the decision between XM would be a pretty easy one.

If anyone has an account or can do any work on this, join the discussion here. This is a great opportunity and sounds pretty exciting.

UPDATE: Seeing that XM has announced support for its service to Macs, its safe to say that they offer their radio online. In fact, they offer it as a service to non subscribers for $7.99. But if you're already a subscriber, its an extra $3.99. Thats kinda shady seeing that they need all the subscribers they can get. Just make your stuff available everywhere as part of one subscription.


  • I've made a pretty limited version - so far it can only access the music streams, but I'll improve on it later (once I actually have sirius, heh). You can get the latest version here.

    By Anonymous Mike, at 8:40 PM  

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