What's Up With Xbox Media Center

November 17, 2004


Ahhh... Xbox Media Center. How do I love thee. You have given me hours of enjoyment, hours of hacking, and most importantly hours of entertainment. From the days of Xbox Media Player, to the complete rewrite that has given us one of the most useful applications across any platform, Xbox Media Center. From the days of simply playing videos, to the Kai updates currently taking place, the XBMC team has done an amazing job keeping the features coming at a steady rate, while at the same time making sure the bugs are bashed.They've done an amazing job maintaining the project and the future is bright.

I'll be keeping track of all the news, feature additions, bug fixes, and rumors about the wonderful open source project Xbox Media Center. So subscribe to the feed and get all your xbmc news in one place without slow loading pages.


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