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November 18, 2004

Xlink Kai Support

Xbmc development is concentrated on Xlink Kai support right now. Its coming along wonderfully. Newest builds allow you to see your buddies and voice chat with them via a speex port thanks to Team Avalaunch. Browsing arenas has also greatly improved. The Kai support has pretty much been totally revamped and is still being hacked on as I type this.

Two new features have me giddy though. Kai Toast and auto launching of games. Toast enables notifications within Xbmc, even while watching a movie. Let's say you are enjoying a movie and your buddy logs on to Kai, a window will pop up in the corner notifying you that he has logged on. He can also invite you to a game. Experience wise, this is a huge step for not only Xbmc but Kai. Xbmc also launches the game off of your hard drive once you hit play inside its arena. This is another huge step since everything is more automated. These new features are super solid and really make it feel like a total package service. Kai has gotten a ton of new users and is growing everyday. While there might be more players on XBC, the service is totally inferior. If you're still using XBC, drop it and come over to the future.

Xlink Kai


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